Here we are in midsummer – look at your calendar, not your thermometer – and, thanks to men like Jose Mena, we are having our yard waste picked up and recycled. Mr. Mena is the young, hard-working husband of Caroline Mena. He also does handyman jobs when he’s not picking up yard waste. Thanks to Jose Mena and to the village.

Carter Leonard was 1 year old on June 3, and we missed a birthday wish for him. Happy belated birthday to year-old Carter!

Mary Fladek, a local nurse, participated in a walk recently for juvenile diabetes research. Her reward was Ron Santo‘s autograph, right on the shoulder of her T-shirt. Mary told us there’s an online campaign on for a statue of Mr. Santo to be on display at Wrigley Field.

Checking into this effort to honor to the nine-time all-star Cubs third baseman, we found that you can go to and cast your vote to “Get Ron Bronzed.” Why that guy never gets voted into the hall of fame is a mystery to me.

Happy birthday on July 8 to Jeff Schultz, Beth Spinelli, Janet Oliver, David Collins, Julianna Grace Touhy, Rachel Stahlke and Mary Donnelly.

Happy birthday on July 9 to Zeno Jacquat, Lisa Faber, Diane Bugajsky, Matt Coppolino and Tim Houren.

Happy birthday on July 10 to Jackie Vince Clifton, Augie Hegg and Victor Lentini.

Happy anniversary on July 10 to Jennifer and Mark Hosty and on July 11 to John and Diane Rice.

Happy birthday on July 11 to Keegan Brown, Lisa Kowalski, Adam Powers, Tyler Lipsi, Peggy Grams and Dianne Howard Beatty.

Happy birthday on July 12 to Mike Martinski, Nick Martinski and Minnie Maxwell.

Happy birthday on July 13 to Cheryl Jargstorf, Brian Casey, Linda Brhel, Terry Rusk and Laura Hodges.

Happy birthday on July 14 to Grant Neubeiser, Ruth Loyd and Anthony Huynh.

Happy anniversary on July 14 to Ramya and Carl Tallarovic. Remember their fabulous (there’s word I seldom use) wedding with a white horse prancing down Michigan Avenue? Carl all done up in traditional Hindu bridegroom attire? The drums, the horns, about 300 guests following them. Who could forget such a colorful, dramatic spectacle?

Soon it will be July 15, St. Swithun’s Day – the day we have all been waiting for. No one knows much about this Catholic saint of England, but we are supposed to go around smiling and wishing one another well on St. Swithun’s Day. And I just like to say that name. So here’s to you! Have a happy St. Swithun’s Day!

Some sad news arrived just as this column was being finished.

Young Dr. Frank Orland called to say his mother, Dr. Phyllis Orland, had died. She along with her late husband, Dr. Frank Orland, gave the world and Forest Park more than they took from it. Dr. Phyllis cared for the children of Forest Park her entire professional life. Her simple exterior demeanor belied the rich internal life she enjoyed. We are grateful to have had such a remarkable person in our midst. Sympathy to her children – Frank, June and Ralph – and to grandchildren. A memorial service will be held in August.

And a speedy recovery to Wayne Schauer, of Schauer Hardware, who Monday morning had a heart attack during a stress test.