Rich and Uli Leib presented their annual Forest Park Music Festival Bash in their front, side and back yards this month. Admission was by invitation only, but everyone who wants to come gets an invitation! Professional and amateur musicians entertained beginning at 4 p.m. and ending around 11 p.m. so as not to disturb neighbors.

“Speak Your Mind Word Slam” was a new feature of the evening, and kids were invited at their own risk (they might end up being musicians). Another added feature this year was an invitation to the president.

“Because it will be a jam-o-rama, we even invited Barack Obama,” the invitation reads. Of course there’s a disclaimer: “party organizers are not responsible for actual appearance of president. President may be unable to attend due to prior commitments.”

Grandma Janet Paulin, accomplished seamstress, embroiderer, knitter, baker, cook, etc., is busy passing her skills on to the next generation. Here granddaughter, Brin Heyer, 10, made three frontier bonnets for the local July 4 parade in Brook, Ind.

Congratulations to Melanie and Eric Bland on the birth of child number three, a little girl who was born July 8. Big brother Sam and big sister Sadie are excited about having a baby now that they are getting so big.

Newcomer from the Philippines, Marilyn Daylo, is learning English quickly and even has a part-time job baby sitting neighbor, Niraj Tellarovic. Marilyn and her brother Noel are taking English classes at Triton and making remarkable progress.

My apologies to Wayne Schauer for jumping the gun in my report last week on his health problems. While undergoing a stress test some irregularity did occur. It was not a heart attack. Regardless, we hope Wayne is recovering and are sorry for the error. Come back, Wayne. Everybody misses you, especially your many dog friends who drop in to visit.

Laureen Thornton was in and out of the hospital last week. Speedy get well wishes to Laureen. That girl is tough.

Notable birthdays of the week belong to Lester Nixon, Chris Cody, Carol Smith, Daniel Stroth, Sam Marino, Leonard Karlin, Michael Block, Rick Krieger, David Pardun, Gene Mull, Katie Murray McElligott, Marilyn Trainor, Joshua Olfay, Tom Spinelli, Debbie Ginger, Katie Tricoci, Ellie Clifton, Tim Mellin, Arthur Farrell, Jenny Okolwicz and Ryan Pacyga. Anniversary celebrants this week include Katie and Dan McElligott and Joanne and Jerry Pinotti.