A homeless man suspected of trying to break into several vehicles was arrested July 31 after police allegedly watched him pull on the door handles of several cars.

William Youngblood, 54, was taken into custody shortly before midnight and charged with four counts of trespassing and burglary. A patrol officer noticed Youngblood walking toward a dead-end alley off the 1200 block of Circle, which is an area used by an Oak Park auto dealer to store vehicles, according to a department report. Because of the time of day and “the large amount of vehicle burglaries,” the officer got out of his car to watch Youngblood’s actions.

The suspect walked up to four different cars, peered into the windows and then tugged on the handles to see if any were unlocked, police said in their report. None of the vehicles opened, and the officer approached the man to take him into custody. In a separate statement issued by police, authorities said Youngblood is suspected of committing numerous vehicle burglaries in Forest Park, particularly along Roosevelt Road. Usually, he targets unlocked vehicles, but authorities said they believe he occasionally throws rocks and other objects through the windows to gain entry.

Brothers caught with heroin, pills

Two men, both apparently heroin users, caught the attention of police July 31 when authorities found one of the men slumped over the steering wheel of his Jeep Cherokee while parked outside of Thornton’s gas station on Harlem.

Police knocked on the window of the vehicle, but received no response, so opened the car door. They noticed “a fresh puncture mark on his right arm, as well as track marks,” according to their report. While speaking with the man, an employee of the gas station told police that someone else had locked themselves in the restroom some 20 minutes ago.

The drowsy man in the car, 27-year-old David Davis, of DeKalb, told police his brother Brandon Davis, 24, may be the one in the restroom.

An officer banged loudly on the door for several minutes, but got no response, and was prepared to break the door in when he heard someone moving around. He again told the man in the restroom to open the door and after several minutes, Brandon Davis emerged.

Authorities allegedly found a syringe on the floor, two packets of suspected narcotics in the toilet, and another in the sink. An unlabeled pill bottle with eight capsules was also recovered.

Brandon Davis was charged with heroin possession for the drugs found in the sink. Police were unable to determine the nature of the unmarked pills

Fire hydrant not a faucet

Police were met by a municipal building inspector July 31 when responding to a call that a man may be using a village fire hydrant without permission.

Police arrived at the corner of Adams and Desplaines at about 10:30 a.m. to find William Cubas, 42, using the hydrant fill a 300-gallon water tank attached to the rear of his vehicle, according to a department report. A building inspector at the scene told police he happened to observe what appeared to be a theft.

Cubas allegedly told police he did not have permission to use the hydrant and that he would pay whatever bill might be attached to his use of the hydrant. An administrator within the water department was notified and provided Cubas with an invoice for $212. The man was given until Aug. 5 to pay it. No charges were filed at the time police had completed their report.

Hallucinogen found in car

During an Aug. 1 traffic stop near the corner of Jackson and Madison, police became suspicious that drugs might be in the car and asked that the driver and his three passengers get out of the vehicle. According to a department report, an officer at the scene smelled marijuana.

While searching the car, police allegedly found four small plastic bags of marijuana inside a blue book bag. Another plastic bag contained a foil packet with a black, granular substance that appeared to be phencyclidine, or PCP.

Another eight grams of marijuana were allegedly discovered in a shoe that had been left in the backseat of the car.

Deonte Robinson, 26, was charged with drug possession for the items found in the book bag. The driver of the vehicle, 34-year-old William Finley, was charged for the marijuana allegedly found in the shoe that belonged to him. He was also cited for driving without a valid license, and without proof of insurance.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between July 19 and Aug. 1, and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not been adjudicated.

-Compiled by Josh Adams

Tip hotline

Anyone with information regarding the cases mentioned in this report, or on another matter, is encouraged to contact the Forest Park police department’s hotline at 708-615-6239. Information may be left anonymously.