Clowns stage 10th annual remembrance

Woodlawn Cemetery was the scene of mirth and merriment Sunday, Aug. 2 when National Clown Week was recognized by a group of performers calling attention to former president Richard Nixon’s proclamation.

“Today, as always, clowns and the spirit they represent are as vital to the maintenance of our humanity as the builders and the growers and the governors,” said ringmaster Sweetie the Clown, quoting Nixon’s 1971 order that Aug. 1 be National Clown Week.

The event took place among the concrete elephants at Showman’s Rest where many circus performers who perished in a 1918 train wreck are buried. The ceremony’s audience included several families who brought lawn chairs to enjoy the breezy, sunny day. The clowns’ program featured comical skits, prizes and the memories of featured guest, Marshall Brodien, who played Wizzo the Wizard from 1968 until 1994 on Bozo’s Circus television show. In a somber moment, clowns placed flowers upon the monuments in memory of deceased circus performers. Woodlawn cemetery has hosted the annual event for the last 10 years.

-Contributed by Alice C. Brown

Unyielding motorists targeted

Local police continue a visible enforcement program to remind drivers in Forest Park that they must yield to pedestrians attempting to cross Madison Street by way of a crosswalk.

The latest enforcement effort took place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Aug. 4 near the intersection with Hannah, according to a department statement. A total of 30 tickets were issued to motorists who allegedly failed to give way to a man who has been working with police. Bud Jacknow, a longtime resident, had raised concerns to the department about the potential dangers to pedestrians trying to cross the roadway. Since late last year, Jacknow has repeatedly served as a “pedestrian decoy” for the department.

Earlier that same day, authorities were at the intersection of Beloit and Harrison writing tickets to Forest Park residents who did not have a valid municipal sticker on their vehicles. Seven citations were issued, according to police.

Police will again be ticketing for both of these violations on Wednesday, Aug. 19 and Thursday, Sept. 3.

School speech rescheduled

After canceling a July 1 event during which Superintendent Lou Cavallo planned to give his second annual state of the district speech, District 91 has rescheduled the address for Wednesday, Aug. 19. Invitations for the dinner event have been sent to stakeholders in the community.

The notion of delivering an assessment on the K-8 public schools began last year, and the superintendent said then he hoped to make it an annual occurrence. This year’s speech was rescheduled because of low turnout. Cavallo will make his remarks on the third floor of the administrative building at the park district on Harrison.

High schools continue bus program

Students attending Proviso East and Proviso West high schools will be able to use a district-wide transportation program instituted during the previous school year. According to a statement released by the public high school district, free transportation will be provided starting Wednesday, Aug. 20, when freshmen report for orientation. Busing for all students begins Aug. 24.

Those students unsure of where to catch the bus will receive further details on the program during the week of Aug. 10 to Aug. 14 when they pickup their textbooks. For additional information on the busing program, students at East can call 202-1825, and students at West can call 202-6299.

Appeal for blueprints continues

Mayor Anthony Calderone has responded to a resident’s circuit court appeal that he wrongfully denied the man access to construction blueprints under the state’s Freedom of Information Act. In his July 23 filing, the mayor refuted claims made by Jon Kubricht that copies of the documents should be provided.

The blueprints sought by Kubricht presumably detail various renovations to 7321 Madison, which is owned in part by Commissioner Mark Hosty.

Kubricht had requested the documents in April and after initially being denied access by the village clerk, appealed that decision to the mayor. Calderone agreed to let Kubricht view the blueprints at village hall, but supported the clerk’s decision not to provide copies of the drawings. In a written response to Kubricht, the mayor cited security concerns as the basis of the denial. In an interview with the Review, Calderone said “copyright infringement issues” are also a concern.