Tis the season for block parties, and one of the best is held on the 600 block of Beloit, made famous especially by May Bill‘s beans, Cliff Leber‘s fish, and mostly the friendliness of the neighbors. Oh, I mustn’t forget the Presto boys’ homemade lasagna, pizza and other Italian delights.

Patrick Halpin posed for the camera while the other kids on the block tried to break open the piñata. Patrick’s sister, Brooke, not to be undone by a mere stick, went at it with her fists and eventually crashed it to the ground. After the feasting, Isaac Aldorado blew out the candles on his birthday cake, while neighbor Mick Neal looked up the meaning of the name “Aldorado” on his iPhone. These parties are not just for fun, you know.

Earlier in the day, the 7700 block of Monroe started their party at breakfast time while it was still cool. These neighbors are also a friendly, well-informed group. Rose Drough, a retired nurse, was there with Monti, her beloved wire-haired Daschund. LaVerna Mehlhaff was on-hand, back from three years in Cameroon, among other places. Gerry Janopoulos, Loretta Woeltje, with her precious Katie, Karen Neumann, Cindy Waldron, and Maria Beckman also attended. The group was planning the rest of the day’s activities.

Looking forward to Christmas? Saint John Lutheran Church will present The Boar’s Head again this year. It is Forest Park’s most ambitious production with a cast of thousands, well, hundreds anyway. Just about everyone who attends church at Saint John participates. There is a chamber orchestra, complete with timpani, brasses, the works! Two days only in December, watch for the dates.

Lisa Becker Grimes and her family; daddy, John; and kids, John, Connor and Mary Jane are home from a wild time in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Birthdays this week are Lisa Cozzi, Terry Hemstreet, Lindsay Pritchard, Anthony Bower, Donald Childs, Madison Crowe, Amanda McAdam, Katlin Smith, Ida Hanson, Alice Nolan, Bill Lichtenberg, Lucinda Mister, Sydney Tellez Brennan, Raysel Geist, Jacob Marchetti, Kamryn Edwards, Bonnie Cmiglia, Candi Manaois, happy anniversary to Mary and Ron Moravec, and Jon and Letitia Olmsted.