Rain barrels are catching on. Here is another young artist, Rebecca Leehey (right), beside one of her creations. Ms. Leehey has accepted commissions for other rain barrels and can be reached at 383-5092.

After several years of intense study, I am certain that when dogs really like each other they convey that sentiment by peeing in the same place. As they walk along the street, spending most of the time sniffing, they are reading messages from their friends and pee in reply if they really like the dog whose message they have sniffed. Cats convey territorial feelings by spraying, but not dogs. Or so I believe.

It’s a bit early, but here’s your notice about Kiwanis Peanut Day hereafter to be known as Pretzel/Peanut Day. Because many people seem to have acquired an allergy to peanuts, Kiwanis has decided to offer a choice – peanuts or pretzels. This year, the event will be launched with an award dinner named in honor of the late Ed O’Shea, who was a loyal Kiwanian for almost 50 years. The annual award will be handed out by a committee from the Kiwanis board of directors. The recipient will be a person who has shown outstanding service to youth, possesses high moral character traits in his/her personal and professional life and lives or works in Forest Park. The awards dinner will take place Oct. 27 at a soon to be determined location.

How we old timers still miss Homer’s, it was the perfect place for everything.

Speaking of old times … a recent letter to the editor complained that the library should have been built two stories high. Ha! We had enough trouble getting any library at all. Back when the referendum was pitched, nobody (save one) on the council, including and especially the (then) mayor, thought we even needed a library. “The kids have libraries in their schools,” said one intellectual. “Let them use the Oak Park library!” The zoning board seemed to think we wanted to build nuclear weapons there, and kept denying us the space. Thanks to a former councilman, a young, handsome articulate attorney named Dan Watts, who has since moved, we finally, after two referenda, got our library. But just barely. Mr. Watts championed our cause and we will be forever in his debt.

Speedy get well wishes to Loretta Jantz, who is recovering from knee surgery. Loyal sister, Corinna, is home ministering to Loretta as well as to their mother, Joanne.

Time to say happy birthday to Patti Mullin, John Tricoci, Sarah Goetz, Lois Bugajski, Tim Scheiwe, Jamie Carr, Sheila O’Shea, Nancy Bower, Dan Novak, Eric Battersby, Connor Hoehne, Marc Neumann, Veronica Barajas, Jack Brennan, Jodi Giblin, Larry Steinbach, Maryann Fabbrini, David Kazar, Todd Brower, Toni Terrano, Amanda Koehne, Nicholas Garlisch, Michael Clifton, Heather Dobb, Lynn Mazzone, John Deering, Millie Mango, Aaron Bakartis, Christine Carr, Joe Carr, Todd Marler, Clayton Davis, Kirk Scully, Karen Conway Kurey and John Erickson, and happy anniversary to Tony and Lucy Vodrazka.