Before today’s column begins, let me take a moment to say a few words to our leader, Mayor Anthony Calderone. Please, Tony, wipe away those tears. I can’t stand to see you cry like that.

In the latest issue of the Post, the mayor said he’s fed up with all the rumors swirling around him. Honestly, I never heard any rumors about you, Tony. Are you sneaking off to Argentina for an assignation? Did you sell the parking meters on Constitution Court to Canada? What rumors? And how come I never heard any of them? Surely, there are those who disagree with some – well, maybe many – of your decisions, but rumors? Definitely, no! Here, have a Kleenex.

It’s Oktoberfest time again! This year’s featured bands are the Alpiners and the Johnny Wagner Band, a top German-American band in the area. Of course, there will be plenty of German fare, live music, beer, wine and games – not to mention hours and hours of good fellowship. So dust off your lederhosen, practice lifting your stein and we’ll see you there.

The event is sponsored by Saint Bernardine church, the Harlem Chor, the village of Forest Park and Ferrara Pan Candy. It runs Friday, Sept. 18 from 4 p.m. until midnight, and Saturday, Sept. 19 from noon to midnight at the Grove, 7824 Madison, in Forest Park. Admission is $3 for adults, $2 for seniors and those under 21 get in free. For more information call 366-6890.

Here’s a chuckle: a C, an E-flat, and a G walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve minors.”

Remember our former editor, Brett McNeill? Poor Brett has been bothered by an old sports injury to his shoulder. Our former editor wound up having surgery at U of I. All Brett’s friends here at the Review, the Wednesday Journal, Chicago Parent and the Landmark, wish him a speedy recovery. His aunt, Priscilla, was so broken up about the whole thing; I saw her walking down Madison Street drowning her sorrows in a huge ice cream cone from Brown Cow.

A familiar sight around town is Judy Jilek with her three four-legged friends, Jake (Jilek) and Jake’s two girlfriends, Bella and Bocci (Catalano), Pastor Audree Catalano‘s dogs. Judy manages the three of them very well. But Pastor Audree will have to find another dog walker soon, because she is leaving Forest Park for a new home. Though she’s moving, Pastor Audree will continue ministering at Saint Peter’s.

Birthdays will be celebrated this week by Debbie Doss-Morris, Lucy Gianelli, Laura McDermott, Hunter VanZant, Dan Lala, Alice Bogdon, Samantha Grams, Elsa Katlic, Brendan Miranda, Maria Walsh, Nick Novak, Josiah Abramson, Gigi Alfano, VanEta Harris. Happy anniversary to Marge and Al Buccholtz, Connie and Ted Considine, Tony and Jackie Cardamone, and Sandy and Joe Byrnes.


Due to an editor’s error, Jackie Schulz’s Sept. 16 column incorrectly identified a resident who is moving from Forest Park. Audree Catalano, pastor at St. John’s, is planning to relocate. Catalano will continue to minister at the church.