Congratulations to Megan Nutley, designer of Silhouette Blue stationary and greeting cards. A few years ago, Megan began to put her artistic ideas to work as a kind of hobby. She acquired such a following she has quit her day job and is now a full-time artist/ stationery designer. Megan’s work can be seen at House Red, Todd & Holland Tea House and online. Ms. Nutley will design your stationery, wedding or party invitations, or anything else you have in mind. Her Web site is

Oktoberfest is but a memory now, but Saint Bernardine’s and the Harlem Maenner-Und Damenchor can be proud of their efforts. Ours was better than Oak Park’s from what I have been told by reliable sources. And you can see for yourself from the happy faces of Karen Dylewski, Jessica Dylewski, Diana Dylewski, Sally Cody, Zack Shorner and Liana Meccio.

Get well soon wishes to Dorothy Dylewski, who spent a short time in the hospital last week.

The 500 block of Ferdinand had the last get together of the summer. Any more block parties will be fall parties. The ex officio chairman of the block is Janet Paulin, who is so organized she even drew up a block address/phone/e-mail booklet for the neighbors. Big Hearted Humanitarian of the year award went to Andy Welch, who adopted an 8-year-old Golden Retriever named Rusty. Rusty is a happy, energetic lovable big guy whose previous owners didn’t want him after he lost a leg to cancer. Nice people, huh? Bonnie McPhedran was alone at the party this year. Her husband, Nick, was in France, sailing in a regatta. This is the new Forest Park.

Dear friend and neighbor, Mary Erikson, will have to drive down from Wisconsin for next year’s event. Mary is moving and her neighbors are sorry to see her leave.

Patrons of Ed’s Way have really been having a difficult time of it. Three times I was unable to get in from any direction. Once, I had to drive the wrong way down a one-way street; another time I had to use the alley and one time I just gave up and went to the Jewel. I think the village or IDOT should compensate this business in some way for lost revenue.

Happy birthday wishes this week go to Mike O’Connor (where is Mike these days), Diane Rice, Sheryl Neff, Paul Jargstorf, Robert Mintz, Nick Mangaracina, Nathan Johnson, Allen Latall, Jason Fabiani, Gary Almeroth, Yo Yo Ma, and Patrick Michael Olson, and anniversary greetings to Gus and Marie Scolero, Bridget and Bob Dowdle, and Jody and Sandi Tracy.