Sunday, Oct. 4 was a bright, happy day for pets and their people. Pastor Audree Catalano met with them on the lawn of Saint Paul’s Church and read a short blessing. Pastor’s dogs, Bacci and Bella, and their friend, Jake, were camera shy. Besides, they’d had their picture in the paper before and didn’t want to be camera hogs.

But willing to pose for the camera were sweet, docile Monty, a long haired Daschund, with Rose Crough; Annie, with Pastor Audree; Peter the cat with May Bill; and Rascal Goetz.

Mr. Big is shown wearing a doll’s jacket and being held by Natalie Erickson. Mr. Big shivers when the mercury falls below 70. Elsewhere in town, and unable to agree on just which way to get to Saint Paul’s, were two Scotties and two Westies, Esla, Ona, Teenie and Bonnie.

Happy birthday to eighth-grader Brianna Balsavich. Her friend, Amber Alonzo, hosted a recent party in Brianna’s honor at Expression Dance Studio in Westmont.

Damian Smith and Friends were a hit at Healy’s last week, but we couldn’t squeeze a photo of them in until now.

The Kiwanis first annual Ed O’Shea Memorial Dinner will honor Andy Collis. It will be held Oct. 27 at Francesca’s Fiore, 7407 Madison. Cost of the dinner is $40. You can drop your check off at Accents by Fred, 7519 Madison.

Congratulations and best wishes for the future to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strzelczyk. Mrs. Strzelczyk was Joyce Oberg before Oct. 2. The couple was married at First United Church of Christ, Pastor Kucero officiating. And they are just back from their Caribbean cruise.

Happy birthday this week to Nicholas Radkiewicz, Kim Dorner, Georgia Becker, John Rice, Anna Snyder, Patrick Sullivan, Jack Vainisi, Jim Murray, Laurie Kokenes, Jillian Dorney, Rich Barger, Pat Mullen, Hannah Fink, Susan Blazek, Bridget Cote, Catherine Treiber, Fred Schildt, Terry Steinbach, Diane Barron, Tim Bode, Joe Byrnes, Caitlin Gillian, Phil Abruzzino, Tierra Curry and John Turek. Happy anniversary to Carol Ann and David Fagan, Mark and Tammy Ross, Mike and Debbie Espinoza, and Jill and Dave Smentek.