A federal lawsuit filed in October 2008 alleging that two Forest Park police officers committed civil rights violations has been settled, according to court records, and the plaintiffs paid an undisclosed sum.

The complaint was filed by Melissa Moore and Ismael Pomales against officers Mike Murphy and Maureen Kozak. In their suit, the plaintiffs allege they were physically abused by Murphy, and then falsely arrested by both defendants. According to records maintained by the U.S. District Court in Chicago, a settlement agreement between the plaintiffs and the village was reached in mid August. The case was officially dismissed on Sept. 29.

Two council members in Forest Park confirmed a monetary settlement was reached; however, neither was certain of the amount nor whether a confidentiality agreement precluded them from discussing the settlement.

In two other unrelated complaints filed against the village, the municipality won summary judgments last month dismissing those claims.

A 2003 complaint attempted to hold the village liable in the death of a pedestrian who was injured while walking near a construction site. That person later died of a staph infection, according to village hall. A 2007 complaint alleged the municipality improperly withheld a permit from a man attempting to operate a business from his home.