A vaccination program for the H1N1 influenza virus could be enacted in Forest Park’s K-8 public schools, but local officials said they have too many unanswered questions at this point to go along with any mass inoculations.

A proposed agreement between the county health department and District 91 was reviewed by the school board Oct. 8, but no action was taken. The vaccine would be offered at no cost to students, but it has not yet been determined when – or if – county health officials would have enough of the vaccine to go around. It was proposed that only the first dose of a two-step vaccination would be offered through the schools, meaning that parents would have to obtain the second dose elsewhere. Further, district officials were uncomfortable with language in the proposal that would make them responsible for critical portions of the program, such as storage.

Superintendent Lou Cavallo met with municipal leaders Oct. 1 to discuss the upcoming flu season, and in particular this novel strain of the virus. There is still some concern among area health officials regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine, and whether this community has the resources for a mass inoculation.