First reported 10/14/2009 5:09 p.m.

A check for slightly more than $291,000 was received by the village Oct. 13, and was handed over by the West Cook YMCA. The sum represents earnest money paid by the nonprofit during what was supposed to be a land purchase leading to the construction of a $24 million facility in Forest Park. In late September, however, the YMCA decided it would not be able to raise the money for the project and backed out of its deal with the Village of Forest Park.

The YMCA had paid $175,000 to the village in anticipation of purchasing almost eight acres off Madison Street on the west side of town. As the project stalled, the village was paid monthly installments of about $14,500 to cover holding costs.

Mayor Anthony Calderone announced receipt of the check at the end of the council’s Oct. 13 meeting, commenting that though the cash is helpful, he would prefer a new YMCA. Calderone suggested putting the money into a separate account until an appropriate use is decided.

“Perhaps a rainy day, or something along those lines,” Calderone said.