As we get past the orange lights and black glitter of Halloween, we’re thinking that you, too, are thinking fabulously festive for other holidays coming up.

So as you start decking your halls – your mantels, your tables, your staircases, your library nooks – or just sit back and review what you did last year, share your style with us.

We’re planning a special section called My Holiday Home, and we’d like to know – and see – what you do to bring flair and comfort to your nest for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa or New Year’s.

Tell us about your traditions and your muses. Most importantly, send us photos of what you’ve proudly put together in the past.

E-mail, or call 708-613-6307 to arrange a time to stop by our office with anything you can’t e-mail. But do so quickly – by noon on Tuesday, Nov. 3. (We special-sections elves have our own fussing to do this season.) Who knows, your holiday cheer might wind up being the talk of the town.