The West Cook YMCA has hired a new chief operating officer to work alongside its newly appointed president, handling the day-to-day operations and management of the Oak Park facility.

According to a statement released by the non-profit agency, David Parsons, 49, will continue his 23-year career as a YMCA executive here in the western suburbs. Parsons most recently spent four years with the YMCA of Greater New Orleans in Louisiana as executive director of that facility. Parsons has also worked for the YMCA in various cities in Michigan, Maryland and Massachusetts.

In late June, the West Cook YMCA named Jan Pate as its new president and CEO to replace the retiring Scott Gaalaas. The duo of Pate and Parsons assume the administrative helm of the local branch just as the agency’s bid to build a new facility in Forest Park failed for lack of funding. Pate and her board have said the YMCA will now focus on expanding its programming through area partnerships.