If you’re looking for something to do this evening, grab a few nonperishable items from the cupboard and head over to Molly Malone’s on Madison where a group of interesting and engaged community members are having a celebration. Citizens United in Forest Park will be at the tavern for two hours tonight, Nov. 11 – from 7 to 9 p.m. – in recognition of the group’s five-year anniversary.

It’s a shame that more Forest Parkers are entirely unfamiliar with the civic-minded bunch. Watchdogs, advocates, rabble rousers – whatever the title – every community should have more of them.

Certainly, CUinFP was once tangled up in some personal battles between members and public officials, but the organization appears to have recognized the harm and is making an earnest effort to grow. For everyone in town, Citizens United should represent an opportunity to be part of a better village.