Last Thursday, Nov. 6, a bright, shining star appeared in the literary sky over Forest Park. Our poetry buffs, Lisa Marquardt, Tom Gorman, (that’s Gorman, not Morgan as I have been misspelling it) and John Mella read selections from their very readable, enjoyable poetry magazine. The magazine is “Light Poetry,” a quarterly publication filled with short, usually funny observations on the world, politics, nature, etc. Here are a few samples from their latest, which were read at the Oak Park Arms (why not the Forest Park library?).

Spelling Lesson, by Joyce La Mers
Capitol spelled with an “o”
Is where our legislators go
Capital spelled with an “a”
Is what they legislate away

On Ethnic Cuisine, by Peter Moore
Your average Malaysian
Needs little persuasion
To eat spicy dishes;
He finds them delicious.

An East Indian child
Finds curry quite mild
And consumes spicy chutney
To the point we’d call gluttony.

At hot food a Thai
Probably won’t bat an eye,
And of course the Chinese
Eat whatever they please.

But I’m Minnesotan,
Where spice is verboten;
And that’s why hot chiles
Just give me the willies.

There are hundreds more but space prohibits. So get to the library and ask for a copy of “Light Poetry.”

Then it was off to Centuries & Sleuths where glamorous, dynamic Diane Gilbert Madsen talked about and signed copies of “A Cadger’s Curse.” The book is her debut historical-mystery with fictional detective D.D. McGil. McGil is a former English teacher turned insurance investigator. The story begins in 1787, and the story is told in flashbacks from the 18th century to the present time. So while biting your nails in suspense, you’ll become familiar with that period of history.

Neighbors bid a sad farewell to Mary Eriksen last week. She was well liked in Forest Park, but felt it was time to move back to Wisconsin to be nearer family members.

Happy birthday this week to Jennifer Mendenhall, Jacqueline Neubeiser, Eric Bothie, Michael Harnett, Elizabeth Kachlic, Rebecca Borzello, Danny Leisten, Michael Maymann, Cara White, Carol Jargstorf, Dave Michaelson, Jim Bruzek, Jessica Dylewski, Chris Brown, Aaron Apilado, Bill Kenny, Nicholas Mear, Inge Sieber, Pat Carey, Sara Scheiwe, Letitia Olmsted and Suzanne Jasper.

Happy anniversary to Chris and Dennis Rosselli, Phil and Pat Czuprynski, and Gloria and Steve Backman.