Oak Park’s state senator, Don Harmon, is looking for a spot on the influential State Central Committee representing the 7th District, but will have to unseat U.S. Rep. Danny Davis first.

The State Central Committee is the governing body of the Illinois Democratic Party. Committee tasks include rule making, slating and promoting and assisting candidates in the general election. The committee also works cooperatively with Democrats at the national and local levels to coordinate finances for the party.

“I suspect the State Central Committee is an afterthought for him,” Harmon said of Davis. “I’m eager to hear what the congressman decides to do.”

Davis called the state committeeman’s position “an important post” and said retaining it is no afterthought. Like Harmon, Davis said he’s interested in serving as state central committeeman because it gives him a voice in the Democratic Party.

“That’s why I’m on it,” Davis said. “I would expect to keep being on it.” He called Harmon an integral part of the state senate who is doing a good job, and said he saw “nothing wrong with Harmon running.”

– Bill Dwyer