The District 91 Forest Park elementary school board approved its 2009 tax levy and is seeking to collect $14,003,973 in property taxes, a figure that is up slightly from the 2008 amount. According to a memo from Assistant Superintendent Ed Brophy, the new levy request represents a 1.91 percent year-over-year increase.

Board members in District 91 also reviewed their fiscal year 2009 audit during the Nov. 12 meeting, and learned that $3.1 million was plugged into the district’s reserve fund. On the year, the district took in $17.2 million in revenue while spending slightly more than $14.1 million. Because of the slumping economy and a scant .1 percent increase in the Consumer Price Index, which is used to cap the tax levy, Brophy has projected that the district’s reserve fund could be drawn down in the coming years to cover expenses.