Waste of everyone’s time

This letter is in response to “Hosty sued for verbal attack,” published Nov. 11.

This has to go under the heading “give me a break.” I am so tired of frivolous lawsuits of this nature. Here, someone wants to tie up 12 strangers’ lives, take court time, pay attorneys fees and do more harm to themselves and others, all in the name of revenge. If I went to court after everyone who I thought maligned me, I wouldn’t have time to go to the bathroom.

And then there is the matter of this particular paper (the Review) following and reporting about these two parties, the Backmans and Hosty, as if they were the Hatfields and McCoys. Enough already. My advice about this suit would be to take it where other sensible people take their lawsuits … to Judge Judy. There they will get all the attention they need and crave, and hey, won’t that give you something really interesting to report on.

Mike Thorp
Forest Park

Stocking the pantry

On behalf of CUinFP board members, Gwen Crayton, Amanda O’Connor, Bill Gerst, Gloria Backman and myself, I would like to thank everyone who attended the fundraiser for the Forest Park Food Pantry on Nov. 11. Special thanks to all the sponsors who made donations or gave prizes: Molly Malone’s, the Forest Park Review, Starship Subs, Premier Car Wash, Ed’s Way Food Mart, Keep Chicago Beautiful, Green Home Experts, Dunkin Donuts, Brown Cow Ice Cream, Starbucks Coffee, Burke Beverage, John Stange Apparel, Breit & Clean Cleaners and Veronica Gerst Cosmetics – we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Karen Rozmus
Citizens United in Forest Park

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