More than a dozen people who took an interest in learning about the local police department recently completed the village’s Citizen Police Academy, and participated in a brief graduation ceremony Nov. 23 during the council meeting. Beginning Sept. 8, a group of mostly residents and business owners met on a weekly basis at the police station to get a behind-the-scenes look at how officers respond to various calls, collect evidence and work with neighboring departments. Several of the participants even volunteered to receive a jolt of electricity from department-issued Tasers. Every officer who carries the stun gun is required to feel its effects.

Participants were: Norma Mendez, Minnie Gnewuch, Mary Winn Connor, Catherine Marsilli, Jennifer Plepel, Richard Schauer, Elizabeth Axtell, Mary Dmyterko, Michael Dmyterko, Jeanne Weiler, John Lawrence, Pamela Lawrence, Rosemary Keating and Commissioner Martin Tellalian.

This year’s course was taught by Sgt. Pete Morrissette and has been offered by the department since 2001.