A popular restaurateur is scheduled to ask the zoning board of appeals Dec. 7 to be allowed to encroach upon a 25-foot buffer that’s required between the back of his Madison Street business and an alleyway. Gaetano’s, located at 7636 Madison, recently had an addition constructed onto the back of the restaurant. The project appears to have been completed, however, without the requisite approvals.

Initially, chef and owner Gaetano DiBenedetto told the municipality he intended to build only an outdoor seating area, similar to a beer garden. When the project was finished, though, the restaurant had a fully-enclosed addition complete with windows and vinyl siding. Village Administrator Tim Gillian said he stopped work on the project for three days to make sure the addition was constructed safely, but no sanctions have been issued by the village for doing work beyond the scope of what was approved.

The zoning board is being asked to waive the 25-foot buffer and allow the building to stand with only a 12.7-foot setback from the alley. The zoning board is an advisory body to the village council.