Congratulations and thank you to all those who participated in the Holiday Walk. Madison Street never looked brighter. In my opinion, everyone deserves first prize, never mind the subjective judging. But this year’s winner, according to my polling, was Two Fish’s Grinch. How could they not win with that adorable little puppy running around? Even my dog cast a big loud bark of approval for that one.

Tracy Alexy wrote and starred in some short Christmas stories that were enacted at Centuries & Sleuths. The sleeping “beauty” at Dee Dee and Edee’s was great, too. It was too cold to get down to hear the singers, but everyone who did get down there said they were really great. It was a fine launching of the Christmas season in Forest Park.

A special prize should be given to Loretta Jantz who labored with love, of course, in spite of being filled with antibiotics to fight off pneumonia. Loretta was responsible for the cozy Christmas scenes in Schauer’s Do It Best Hardware.

Now we have the Boar’s Head this Saturday and Sunday afternoon. See you there?

Call ahead for tickets or purchase them at the door.

Last Saturday, Nov. 28, Rick Kogan and Charles Osgood of the Chicago Tribune and WGN, signed copies of their latest book, Sidewalks II: Reflections on Chicago, during an appearance at the bookstore. Osgood and Kogan put on a great show, especially the Studs Terkel act. Store owner Augie Aleksy may still have a few signed copies left at the store. There is always a great program going on at our bookstore. Kogan said Forest Park should erect a statue in Augie’s honor.

John Trage (that’s “Uncle” John Trage), is responsible for C&S being here, in case anyone has forgotten. Centuries & Sleuths and our Circle Theatre are the two brightest jewels in our crown, in my opinion. Keep Circle Theatre in Forest Park. Our restaurants are in enough trouble with the recession. If the theater crowd left, many of them would probably have to go, too.

Let’s skip on down to the birthdays for this week. Happy birthday to DeMaria Gilbraith, Brian Mullen, Gloria Chaney, Andrew Doss, Mary Alice Nee, Loretta Woeltje, Peyton Brown, Morgan Trage, Madison Hannah Pronek, Corina Harnett, Steve Rozmus and Harry Holmberg.