All together

Our sincere thanks for your terrific support and generosity during the food drive on Nov. 23.

Your donations helped make a difference for 140 families in our village. The support by neighbors in need truly defines us as a community that cares!

We also wish to thank all the shops and business of the village that collected food items from Nov. 1 to Nov. 23. We would like to thank Ed’s Way and Schauer’s Hardware, who will continue to collect food items until Dec. 31.

Happy holidays to all.

Rose Krough and Marie Beckmann
Forest Park

Help for troops

My best friend’s father, Paul Roach, is in the Navy and they are working to save our country. He just got sent to Afghanistan and could only bring a small backpack of things. He is in a camp with 3,000 troops and some of them get no mail or packages from home. I was wondering if you could donate something they need to help make them more comfortable. They really need eye drops, ChapStick, lotion, books, and maybe a card or letter. Also, they need baby wipes because they don’t have showers but want to stay clean.

We are sending boxes to Paul and he is passing out things to the people who need it most. You don’t need to do this, but our troops would love it. Thank you so much for your help. Donations can be brought to 533 Marengo – there is a box on the porch.

Lauren Haeger
Forest Park