Several municipal employees were recognized Monday by the village council for their years of service to the community. Those workers who’ve reached longevity milestones are typically celebrated during the village’s annual holiday party. However, in an effort to save money, Forest Park did not host an employee party this year.

Five years of employment: firefighter Michael Kinder and firefighter Louis Davini; 10 years: officer Jose Flores and Richard Barger of the community center; 15 years: Sgt. Steven Zanoni, officer Robert Kendall, officer Tom Hall, fire Lt. Russell Nelson and Belinda Scollard, Department of Public Health and Safety secretary; 20 years: officer Harold Grimes, Rick Barger, public works, and Terry Meffley of the community center; 25 years: Susan Bothie, village clerk’s office, Vito Gabino, public works, and J. Trelenberg, public works; 30 years: Sgt. Patrick Tierney, fire Lt. Don Cheval, firefighter Tom Matousek, Jr., firefighter Craig Marousek, and Mike Raimondi, public works.