Name them all

A few weeks ago I read, with much sadness and concern, your headline and front-page story of the “sexually violent” priest moving to Forest Park.

Like so many seniors I know, I do not have a computer so I cannot look up information or names of other sex offenders living in Forest Park. It has always seemed unfair to read about a Catholic priest (convicted of being a sex offender) showing up as a headline and front-page news while any minister (convicted of being a sex offender) and his family shows up as small news and the story is tucked away in the miscellaneous news of the day. This is so evident in the Chicago Tribune.

Would you please list the names of the other sex offenders living in Forest Park either on the front page of the Review or in some prominent place in the paper where I will be sure to see it – and then I will be careful not to hire anyone listed to do any household jobs for me.

June Anderson
Forest Park

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