Best wishes for a happy 2010. It’s not starting too well for Sherri Sandow. Sherri slipped and fell on her left elbow, crushing several bones. It will be some time before that elbow is mended, but Sherri has a great attitude about the mishap. When she goes for check ups and therapy she sees many people who are much worse-off than she is. Good luck and a speedy recovery to Sherri.

Some happy little penguins are enjoying this snow as the big penguin takes them for a ride on their long sled. Meanwhile, Santa prepares hot cocoa for passersby and for snowmen in the area. Don’t get too warm, Mr. Snowman. Madeleine Garlisch, her sister Victoria and friend Ann Spence made their own snowman, and a handsome fellow he is (or maybe was by now).

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Dorothy Smith, who suffered a stroke two weeks ago. Dorothy is well loved by her family and neighbors. Grandchildren Donisha, Christian and Aquilla were allowed to visit her at Loyola on Christmas Day. They love their grandma almost as much as she loves them.

Grandpa Wayne Schauer dozed off the afternoon of Christmas Eve. When he awoke he saw a big man in a red suit staring at him. The big man asked Wayne if a little girl named Olivia lived at that house. “That was Santa!” exclaimed little Olivia as Wayne related the story. Anyway, the big red man left a big rocking horse at the senior Schauer’s house for little Olivia.

All the Roger/Gerri Grant family gathered at Breckenridge, Colo., for Christmas. They came from North Carolina, Nebraska, Illinois and all points of the compass for a grand family reunion. Lydia, the Forest Park member, had to join the group a bit late. Her nursing duties at Rush Presbyterian Hospital came first.

Don Webster would like to personally thank all the big hearted Forest Parkers who have so generously filled the food bank bin at Schauer’s. It’s been overflowing. Now, if we could just get people to stop abandoning pets when life gets complicated. The pets didn’t have anything to do with the problems.

The Daylo family and the Millar family began the Christmas season with prayer vigils to Our Lady of Fatima. Many neighbors and friends gathered at the Daylo and Millar homes for prayer and a little refreshment.

Birthday wishes this week go to Alice and Lara Mellin, Tom Cannon, Lauren Trage, Brenda Riske Powers, Amy Hocheimer, Rich Gray, Rita Trage, Caitlin Miller, Vic Bisluk, Carol O’Donnell, Jenni Jargstorf, Renee Rausch, Lou Moran, Tom Kloess, Marcie Skorda, Daniel Watson, Christine Malone, Joan Huynh, Lynn Karavitus, Ashley Breseman, Michael Hutter, April Kutak, Ian Hoffman, Deb Harris, Mike Marcantonio and happy anniversary to Mark and Amy Vaboraik.