On behalf of the Howard Mohr Community Center, the Community Education Council and the family’s we serve, I want to thank the residents, non-residents, businesses and organizations who donated the much needed food to our food pantry and for the many monetary donations that came in to help buy holiday dinners and Christmas presents.

All I can say is, wow! There is no way we could have met the needs of our community without you.

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help us deliver all the food and gifts.

Thank you to Rose Krough, Marie Beckman, 2009 Crop Walk, Rita Marcantonio, Dianne Dormeyer, Karen Phillips, Forest Park Fraternal Order of Police, McGaffer’s Saloon, Rich “Chubbs” Poulfus, Pat Malone, Amparo Neri, Forest Park Senior Citizens Club, Kathy Jankun, CUinFP, Karen Rozmus, St. Peters Church, Dan Riley, Ultra Foods, Harlem Maenner Und Damen Chor, Mary Ellen Creighton, Mr. and Mrs. Teets, Margaret Young Teets, Disabled American Veterans, Verdun Chapter 33, Wes Bitner, Reznick Group, Kris Lazzara, Oak Park Arms, Jill Wagner, Forest Park Wal-Mart, Mark Dennison, Barbara Vanek, Tim Karas, First United Church of Oak Park, Two Fish, Maggie Smith, Shirley Irwin, Heather Ingevaldson, Park Plaza Dodge, Girl Scout Troop #4118, Donna Gray, Angela Thompson, Andy Collins, Kiwanis Club, Karen Cubic, Jennifer Baron, Carol Groth, Janet Maahs, Eleanor Caines, Ruth Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Pelayo, Drew McGuire, Kris Marundi, Debbie Kong, Marge Zwaldo, Jim Papa, the Hoskins family, Randy Petrey, Judy Pride, Mr. and Mrs. Burdick, Bill Mahoney, Sara Jolie, Evelyn Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. Davin, Pat and Joan White, Forest Park Post #414, Marilyn Kaufman, Donna Dorney, Sheri Carfora, Joan Purvis, Tim Gillian, Ed Nutley and Ed’s Way Food Mart, Field Stevenson school, Mr. Giovannoni and his entire staff, Forest Park Middle School, Ms. Bukowski and her entire staff, Grant White school, Garfield school, Kevin and Maureen Harnett, Brian Sullivan, Sandy Byrnes, Judy Kovacs, IComm Consulting Inc. and Mr. Brian Foster, Mayor Anthony Calderone, John Doss and the Public Works Dept., Chief Steve Glinke, Deputy Chief Bob McDermott and the Forest Park Fire Department.

Also to the many people who donated anonymously. Again, my sincerest thanks and gratitude to all for your generosity and support. Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2010.

Karen Dylewski
Director, Howard Mohr Community Center