Congratulations to Henry Leonard who won the hand of Jessica Josetti on Christmas Eve. They were at home when the big moment occurred. No wedding plans yet, but soon.

Rosemary Besich is temporarily at the British Home while she mends after her recent fall and complicated series of mishaps. Rosemary was on the way to visit her sister, Mary Jane Caserio, when she slipped on some ice. There was not a soul on the street when Mary Jane looked out her window and saw her sister fall. She looked about for assistance and saw no one on the dark street, when out of the blackness a young man appeared. He lifted Rosemary, carried her to Mary Jane’s house and then disappeared! There’s a Christmas miracle for you.

The Senior New Year’s Party was the best ever. A dinner of shrimp, steak, twice baked potato, and homemade kolacky made everyone happy. Thanks to the community center workers, Karen Dylewski, Terry Muffley, Sandy Byrnes, Brenda Riske, Rich Barger and the young people of the daycare center, everyone felt well cared for and important. Mary Hogan, Karen Dylewski’s mother, is shown with Sandy Byrnes. Always faithful center attendees, Charlie and Donna Chan are shown in their New Year’s finest. They had to hurry home to attend to their famous dog, Snowball. Mayor Anthony Calderone gave one of his famous hugs to Alice Visco. The affair was catered by “Rosie” of VFW fame. You know, those wonderful fish and chicken dinners at the VFW on Desplaines at 26th Street every Friday night. Same lady. Music and dancing followed the dinner.

Dancers and dancing wannabes are invited to free classes Sunday, Jan. 10 at Pineapple Dance Studio, 7518 Madison. Erika Ochoa runs this great little studio and holds an open-house event every so often. Go check it out from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

January birthdays will be celebrated by Emily Garrity, Brittany O’Donoghue, Fred Marunde, Karen Skinner, Laureen Thornton, Davie Thornton, Cecilia Consalve, Rosemary Cole, Kathy Leninger, Tina Marcantonio, Charlie Vederal, Danielle Riske, Phil Bohnert, Brianna Dodge, John Boy, Tyler Daniel, Kirsten Bjornson, Mary Gallela, Victoria Burdett, Linda Bursey, Nancy Blum, Ryan Farrell, Ellen Krupa.

On to 2010!