You may have already chosen a charity to contribute to for Haitian relief. If not, the Forest Park Public Library can probably give you a list of reputable charities. Some were in the Chicago papers last week.

If a popular charity has a North Michigan Avenue address, I don’t give to them. If 85 percent of my donation goes to the cause, that’s probably OK. If 100 percent of my donation goes toward the cause, that’s the charity for me. That’s why I use Doctors without Borders, at 333 7th Ave., NYC 10001. Another worthy organization is always the Salvation Army.

This tragedy sure puts other concerns in perspective, doesn’t it?

Congratulations to Andre Hines who has recently earned a PhD from Michigan Central University in health care administration. Michigan Central U. is in Mt. Pleasant. Dr. Hines has been working in health administration for more than 17 years, dividing her time among Glen Ellyn, Alaska, Forest Park and Michigan. She has accepted a position as CEO at Health Center in East Chicago, Indiana. As well as serving on the board of directors of the Christian Community Health Fellowship, Andre is a member of the American College of Health Care Executives. If you haven’t seen much of Andre in the past 17 years, you can see why. This little lady has been BUSY.

Here’s Gerrund Caffie, right, a fifth-grader at Field Stevenson trying out the wind driven rocket he’d just made in Mr. Becker‘s science class. Gerrund was so enthusiastic about the project he couldn’t stop testing it. His long suffering mother had to wait outside near Ed’s Way until Gerrund’s enthusiasm gave out and she could take Gerrund and the groceries home. This young man not only loves science, he also plays the saxophone in the school band.

Eden Novak has come up with an exciting idea to abolish the winter blahs. “Stir Krazee” (pronounced crazy), held Feb. 27, will include many of the stores on Madison Street including Baubo’s Garden, Two Fish, Brown Cow, Centuries & Sleuths, Guillen Photography, Team Blonde and others. These establishments will feature comedians, singers, a magician and other attractions. The wrap up will be at Gaetano’s.

Beware the mystical powers of Laureen Thornton, a former tenant of Art Sundry. To paraphrase Jerry Vainisi, “when she puts a curse on you, you are really cursed.”

Augie Aleksey will serve on a panel of authors at the Midland Authors meeting. It will take place at the Adventurers Club in Chicago.

Birthdays this week include Sharon Tierney, Julie Kaiser, Dale Heath, Cassidy Brown, Audree Catalano, Olivia Schauer, Kathy Doss, Connor Bafetti, Kenny Oliver, Natalie Frank, Kelly Rosen, Catherine Marquart Nickels and Esther Huebner.