Village Administrator Tim Gillian said he has met with each village council member and at least two local real estate agents to begin gathering ideas on how to reduce the number of hurdles faced by the owners of legal non-conforming properties. These one-on-one discussions will form the basis of what Gillian said would be a public discussion on how Forest Park can reduce some of the inequities in the village’s zoning regulations. As it stands, hundreds of residential properties in Forest Park face an arduous approval process that Gillian has said is simply unfair.

“This is an attempt to fix something we know is a problem,” Gillian said.

According to Gillian, the public discussion will likely be held in late February. A draft of proposed changes to the zoning regulations would later be sent to the zoning board of appeals, and then onto the council. Further opportunities for public input would be offered at both the zoning board and council meetings.