40 years ago

Let’s fill up the time-mobile and take a 40-year jaunt back to a typical village council meeting in January 1970. Commissioner Mike Lambke reminded all present that village vehicle stickers would go up a buck a month until June 30, when tickets would be issued and fines assessed. He also announced the fire department had taken over ambulance services, and that two new firefighters had completed first-aid training, qualifying them to provide care for patients en route to a hospital.

A nurse was hired by Commissioner Jim Sansone to inspect all places in town that served food and refreshments. He praised outgoing public food inspector Virginia Sittler for doing “a splendid job.” Our department of streets earned another “attaboy” for fast and thorough removal of snow from Commissioner Santo Rizzo. He said that Forest Park was the only Chicago suburb that cleared sidewalks as well as roadways. Still the case? Yes or no, we live in a pretty good town in more ways than several. Pay attention, look around and see for yourself if we haven’t come a long way since 1970.

From the Jan. 14, 1970, Forest Park Review

30 years ago

Before we park the time-mobile for a second decade, let’s stop at the village hall for an historic motion and approval on the evening of Jan. 9, 1980. To no one’s surprise, the vote was a unanimous YES to the First American Realty Company’s proposal to build a 70-store shopping center at Roosevelt Road and Desplaines Avenue. The council then OK’d the rezoning of the 40-acre site attendant to an approval of contract terms calling for payment of a $300,000 “broker’s fee” from First American to the village.

As Mayor Fred Marunde looked about seeking a motion, commissioners Sansone, Popelka and [Ed] Lambke simultaneously declared, “I make the motion!” To follow Roberts Rules, Jim Sansone won out as the “prime mover” and Lorraine Popelka settled for second.

First American was expected to follow the village’s action within 30 days by buying the property from the U.S. Postal Service.

From the Jan. 16, 1980, Forest Park Review

20 years ago

The key to a couple of burglary attempts was just that – the key. A woman arrived home before midnight to find that someone “who must’ve had a key” had stolen $3,600 worth of items from her and her boyfriend’s apartment. Missing was a VCR, microwave, cordless phone and some coats. Suspecting a 23-year-old friend who stayed there and only recently moved out, the woman went to the offender’s house in Chicago, saw some of her items in his car and called Chicago police. Forest Park police charged the man with burglary.

Meanwhile, a lady who was home ill in the 1100 block of Elgin thought she heard someone trying to enter. She quickly and quietly called 911, then hid behind a door. Within minutes, she felt the prowler pressing against it. She pressed back. A perfect time for the police to answer her call. He was taken into custody on a home invasion rap – along with a bag, gloves and a pair of wire snips. In his shoes was a house key, which he tried to transfer to his mouth.

From the Jan. 10 and 17, 1990, Forest Park Review

10 years ago

In politics, things must go in several directions, it seems, before they go anywhere – or get nowhere. The long sought early ’80s imprimatur of the village council to build the Forest Park Mall, for example. Another was our dog park. Here’s a clip from a story in ’99: “The dog park proposal was abandoned by the Park District after considering it for three months. The park suspended the idea indefinitely when it didn’t receive what it deemed to be sufficient favorable comment.”

From the Dec. 29, 1999, Forest Park Review