Revenue streams for the village continue to flow at a trickle, according to a Feb. 8 finance report given to the council, but the money isn’t pouring out of the faucet on the other end, either.

Through the end of January the general fund, which covers most of the village’s day-to-day operating expenses, has had $321,700 less to work with than at the same point last year, according to Finance Director Judy Kovacs. State tax revenues are also down 3.6 percent and municipal sales tax revenue is down 12 percent, or $213,800, behind last year’s totals.

However, village officials have managed to hold spending to approximately 67 percent of what was budgeted for the year. With three-quarters of the fiscal year in the rearview mirror, that may provide some breathing room. Expenses as of Jan. 31 were $392,100 less than last year, according to Kovacs.