There’s still time to make plans to get up to Madison Street this weekend. You’ll enjoy music, magicians, comedians, great food, meeting friends and neighbors and reveling in the (almost) return of spring. Many of the shops on Madison are participating in Stir Krazee, so just browse along and enjoy. See you there?

If you happen to stop in for a game of pool in one of our establishments, look out for a willowy blond named Kimberly Wilson. She lives in Brookfield, but often brings her cue to Forest Park for a game or two. This girl is a serious player, not exactly Minnesota Fats, more like “Brookfield Slim.”

Cecilia Rahn is a dependable young lady who attends Ascension Elementary School. She is available for short-term daytime babysitting and comes highly recommended.

Speaking of daylight hours, the sun rose at 6:41 this morning (Feb. 19) and will set at 5:29! Whoo hooo!

Meet Hiroshi Yasuda, Forest Park resident, musician, member of a brass quintet and patron of the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest. Mr. Yasuda also spends much time in our library, for which he has high praise. His daughter attends the Montessori School on Circle Avenue where the youngsters spend each morning in an academic program taught in Japanese and then repeat the program in English in the afternoon. This excellent school has a teacher-pupil ratio of about 1.5 to 1.

Rahtsiyah Wolfolk is a young lady who was born in Israel. She is the CEO of Soul Gourmet, a vegan cuisine line of food she created. Ms. Wolfolk designed all the recipes herself, and let me tell you they are delicious. That is an unsolicited endorsement, by the way. She was at Whole Foods recently giving out samples and the crowds were wild with enthusiasm, even the meat-eaters. “Healthy eating never tasted so good” is her slogan. Wish I could give you a sample right here. The eggplant parmesan is the best I ever ate.

It is almost March, at last! So happy birthday this week to Chris Thornton, Mary White, Sam Huynh, Scott Grams, Alexandria Eterno, Rachel Hamilton, Gary Neubeiser, Joseph and Jillian Tricoci, Dan Criscone, Patrick Dornecker, Susan Rehore, Diane Janopoulis, Arthur Kazar, Connor Sullivan, Gina Pardun, Norris Killean, Sebastian Selizi, Aaron Rada, Chris Borzello, Christine Quintana, Rosemary Besich, Geri Kowalski, Kim Reina, Roland Scott, Jim Breseman, Bill Brown, Heather Babcock, Joe Breseman, and Grace Spence, and happy anniversary to Lucy and Joe Gianelli.