I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Proviso Township, the 7th Representative District and the 7th Congressional District for your resounding vote on Feb. 2. As a direct result of your support, I was re-elected as your state representative and Proviso committeeman, and elected as the state central committeewoman in the 7th Congressional District.

In these times of uncertainty and apprehension, I appreciate the trust and confidence you have in my leadership abilities. These are uncharted waters that we sail through today as Illinois reels from the mortgage meltdown, loss of jobs and an uncertainty of what tomorrow brings. However, hope springs eternal! My plan is to continue the complex work as a legislator with vigor and enthusiasm, seeking palatable solutions as we weather the storms ahead.

How can you help? Get involved in your local schools, park districts and municipalities. Be engaged and informed on the issues at hand. Together we can continue to transform the district we are proud to call home. Remember, you and I can make the difference.

Karen Yarbrough
State representative, 7th District