Ed Boyd has been guiding children safely across Jackson Boulevard and Thomas Avenue for more than 13 years. He has loved every minute of it; he loves his children and their parents. In fact, Ed loves everything about Forest Park, where he has lived for the past 20 years.

Ed is shown here with friend Margo Brown and a shivering little dog, Laddie, out for their morning stroll. But these last few winters have been rough. Ed is thinking that this will probably be the last bone-chilling winter he will endure on that corner. As you have probably heard, this is the snowiest winter in 125 years! For 13 years he has buttoned up coats, tied shoes, and wiped runny noses. Ed also fondly remembers the hours spent with Lillian Sansone on her front steps where they solved the problems of the world while waiting for the school bell to ring. At crossing guard meetings, Ed says, “Would you believe it? I tell them I have never met a bad kid in all those years?”

Ed is a longtime member of the Freedom Baptist Church in Westchester. He and his wife “Freddie” (friends call the couple “Eddie” and “Freddie”) make frequent trips to Arkansas and Missouri where they visit relatives. Their daughter, Steffanie Campbell, lives in Missouri with her family and that’s where the whole family usually gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving. Ed has a brother in San Diego, too. That will be a nice place to visit after retirement. His son, Bryan Boyd, served in the military, as did Ed’s grandson. Three generations and they all came out safe and sane and proud to have served their country. Ed Boyd has made a big difference in the lives of many. His famous smile and wave as passing cars beep make the day a little happier for all of us. Let’s enjoy the company of Ed Boyd for a few more months.

Sympathy to Casey Krupa whose 95-year-old father died this past week. Casey left Neumann and Nellie in charge of her husband while she went to Florida for the funeral.

Sympathy to the family of Rosemary Criscone, who died last week. Sam and Rosemary were a familiar sight in Forest Park years ago. Joe and Buzzy were great little kids.

Congratulations to clothing retailer Deedee and Edee, which is celebrating three years on Madison Street.

Kathy Atwood plans to sing with the combined chorus in Mahler’s Symphony of a Thousand at Orchestra Hall this spring.

Two stalwart young women who succumbed to a bug of some sort last week are Donna Eggers, who hasn’t missed a day of work in more than 20 years, and Corinna Jantz, who boasts a similar record.

Roger Grant, model husband, father and Forest Parker, observed Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago by patronizing Moss, where he purchased roses, and Shanahan’s candy corner, where he purchased a big box of truffles for Geri, his wife. Geri was thrilled; she put the flowers in a vase and set the candy aside for later. When “later” came, though, Geri found an box empty and little paper cups lying around the floor A very guilty looking schnauzer, Gusto, was lying in the corner looking miserable. It wasn’t long before the fate of the candy became obvious.

Time to sing happy birthday to Edith Scheiwe, Jill Smentek, Rich Green, David Rodenbostel, Brandon Thompson, Barbara Coleman, Tevian Russell, Jeremy Loll, Jennifer Deering, Tara Cassiani, Grant Heyer, Lucy Landaeta, Steve Blazek, Ryan Marinier, Corwin Lindel, Bridget Garlisch, Ed Martinski, Scott Novak, Amanda Hurst, Eddie Johnson, Grace Spence, Steve Grams, Angela Fink, Logan Kantzler and Melissa Dodge.