The driver of a 2007 four-door Dodge sedan took Forest Park police for quite a ride early March 13; only it was no joy ride. The motorist led police on a high-speed chase throughout Forest Park that risked the safety of the officers involved and the careless offender, alike.

Forest Park police stopped the driver on the 1100 block of Marengo St. for idling in a “No Parking Anytime” zone. A Forest Park officer also reported observing the offender engage in several traffic violations prior to this, and subsequently decided to approach the man’s vehicle, after circling the block and still finding him there. Upon doing so, the officer requested the man’s license and registration, at which point the driver sped off, heading south on Marengo.

A chase then ensued that involved two attempted police blockades, which the offender evaded by crashing into one police car, almost striking a police officer, driving the wrong way down Ferdinand St., and driving on sidewalks.

The driver was able to elude police when he turned onto Interstate 290 from Harlem Ave. and is still at large.

Men driving badly

On the night of March 13, two men were pulled over at the corner of Marengo St. and Roosevelt Rd. and arrested by Forest Park police. A registration check on Anthony Holubek, 39, of Chicago confirmed that he was driving on a suspended license. Police apprehended Holubek and then searched passenger Guy Castellano, 40, of Berwyn. A brief frisking yielded roughly one gram of cocaine on Castellano. Both men were subsequently arrested. Holubek was charged with driving on a suspended license and operating an uninsured motor vehicle, while Castellano was charged for being in possession of a controlled substance.

Jason Walsh, 31, of West Chicago, was arrested on the afternoon of March 9 after Forest Park police found heroin, marijuana, a smoking device, and an open beer container in his possession. Walsh was pulled over on the 700 block of Harlem Ave., and the arresting officer reported immediately seeing an open can of Ice House beer in his center console. His girlfriend – the passenger – initially stated the beer was hers, but a search of the car produced a wooden box that contained marijuana residue along with a small pipe, also with cannabis remnants, at which point Walsh began to take responsibility for everything the officer would find. The officer then located two grams of heroin on Walsh’s person. He was subsequently charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug equipment and transportation of alcohol.

Adrenele Akisanya, 21, of Hazelcrest was stopped on the 7700 block of Madison St. on the evening of March 11, arrested and charged with transporting alcohol. The Forest Park police report that Akisanya was visibly nervous when he was pulled over. When asked what he was so jittery about, Akisanya immediately told police that he had a bottle of fruit punch and gin in the back seat.

Energy theft

An officer patrolling a beat by the 7216 Circle Ave. CVS Pharmacy on the evening of March 13 was informed by a frantic store employee of a theft. The employee observed a man – Michael Adams, 24, of Chicago – allegedly stuff several six-packs of 5-Hour Energy drinks into a black duffle bag and walk past the last point of purchase without paying for the items. After Adams left, the employee spotted the officer and pointed towards Adams, who was walking north on Harlem Ave. at that time. When Adams was apprehended, police found six six-packs of the drinks in his possession – the total value being $72.45. He was arrested and charged with retail theft.

DUI’s past and present

Clifton Mayfield, 32, of Berwyn was stopped for a routine traffic violation in the early hours of March 13 at the intersection of Circle Ave. and Roosevelt Rd. A registration check stated that Mayfield’s license had been revoked for a DUI. Mayfield was arrested and charged with aggravated driving with a revoked license and two additional counts of driving with a revoked license. The former charge is a felony – one he received after a check of his driving record informed police that his license had been revoked because of several DUI’s.

A Chicago man was charged with aggravated driving on a suspended license – a felony.

Twenty-eight-year-old Freddy Orozco, was stopped by Forest Park police late morning on March 10, after he was seen driving a car with a cracked windshield that served as a dangerous obstruction to his vision. Upon seeing police, Orozco reportedly pulled into a driveway on the 400 block of Circle Ave. in an attempt to shake a squad car. When asked if he was in his driveway, Orozco informed police that he wasn’t, at which point a check of his license and registration was performed. Police learned that Orozco’s license was suspended due to a DUI; what’s more, he had been convicted in the past of driving on a suspended license. Orozco was then arrested and received the felony largely because of the past offenses.

Timothy Sullivan, 29, of Brookfield was pulled over on Madison St. near Harlem Ave. in the wee hours of March 12, initially for improper lane usage. Forest Park police detected alcohol on his breath, though, and he was asked to perform field sobriety tests, which he failed. Sullivan was taken into custody, at which point he became verbally abusive to the arresting officer, according to a police report. Sullivan was charged with a DUI, driving with an uninsured vehicle and improper lane usage.

Daniel Roger Anderson, 44, of Oak Park was stopped at the intersection of Madison St. and Wenonah Ave. for improper lane usage on the evening of March 11. When the officer noted that Anderson look intoxicated, Anderson was asked to perform a field sobriety test. According to a police report, the tests were interrupted when Anderson’s friends and family members on Madison St. decided to greet him. They were informed of the situation and told to depart, at which point they left and Anderson failed. He was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of DUI, although a lingering friend was nice enough to drive his car from the scene; thus, preventing it from being towed.

Testing car doors

On the night of March 8, Tyshawn Ferguson, 20, of Chicago was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted criminal trespassing and two counts of tampering with a motor vehicle. Forest Park police received a call from a witness who reported seeing Ferguson attempt to open both the driver side and passenger side doors of two vehicles in a parking lot on the 800 block of DesPlaines Ave. Shortly after receiving the call, police were able to locate a man meeting Ferguson’s description near the scene of the alleged crime. He was subsequently taken into custody.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between March 7 and March 14, and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not been adjudicated.

-Compiled by Nick Moroni

Tip hotline

Anyone with information regarding the cases mentioned in this report, or on another matter, is encouraged to contact the Forest Park police department’s hotline at 708-615-6239. Information may be left anonymously.