A late night pizza delivery from McGaffer Joe’s on April 3 resulted in the attempted mugging of a deliveryman on the 7600 block of Yuba Street.

The deliveryman reportedly drove the pizza – ordered by a female – to the above address. When he arrived, the house lights were off and the house appeared “abandoned.” He then called the number from which the pizza had been ordered and a female informed him that she was in the shower and would be down shortly.

As he turned from the door to await her arrival, he was struck on the rear of the head with an unknown object. He looked over and saw an offender in all black clothing complete with a ski mask who reportedly said, “Give me all your money.” The alleged offender was holding what the victim described as a “plastic toy gun.”

The pizza man refused to submit to the offender’s demands and they engaged in a physical struggle, during which the mugger bit the right side of the victim’s neck. The deliveryman retorted by placing the fugitive – at this point the ski mask fell off and it was apparent the offender was a male – in a chokehold and as they continued to grapple. He eventually kicked the offender in the head.

Afraid there might be accomplices, the deliveryman then left his attacker, grabbed the pizza, jumped into his car and headed back to the pizzeria to call the police. The attacker is still at large, although the pizza man claimed he last saw him headed north on Dunlop Avenue from Yuba Street.

-Nicholas Moroni