40 years ago

Was Charles Amundsen of 816 Harvard St. satisfied to a fault? Was he just trying to please? Or might his standards have been lower than that of most? Following are excerpts from what has to be the most positive letter to the editor ever printed in the Review:

“We moved here because Forest Park was conveniently located for friends, relatives, work and transportation to and from Chicago … the village is enhanced by a beautiful park and swimming pool … we enjoy some of the finest financial institutions, a nice library with wonderful books and courteous personnel … one of the best elementary and high school systems in Proviso Township (even our waterworks got Amundsen’s high praise) … we have the greatest police and fire departments, and that includes our snorkel.” It went on to salute the village’s ability to handle snow and garbage – and more.

After such effusive comment, we can wonder which eastern European concentration camp he came from. Or maybe the Ross Ice Shelf? Or was he aiming for a PR writing job for the Chamber of Commerce? Or did he forget that newspapers’ readers prefer cantankerous screeds over bland praisings?

From the Mar. 18, 1970, Forest Park Review

30 years ago

This newspaper picked up the syndicated column of show biz critic Herb Bridges. Here are his first three reviews:

Fatso – Ann Bancroft’s extended gifts made her one of the most popular and acclaimed stars in today’s film world by writing, directing and co-starring in Fatso. Dom DeLouise emerges under Ms. Bancroft’s direction as an actor of new range and facility.

Defiance – Young toughs terrorize the Lower East Side where Jan-Michael Vincent and Theresa Saldana are thrown into an “impossible” situation.

Chapter Two – From Neil Simon’s pen, a surprise film of a recently widowed writer who marries a vibrant young actress. What should be a glorious new beginning just isn’t.

From the March 5, 1980, Forest Park Review

20 years ago

Civic decisions are like mud slides; once unstuck, things can move right along. After being debated for nearly three years, the fire department’s paramedic program was approved by the village council. The final obstacle was overcome when Commissioner Dan Watts announced the signing of a contract with an ambulance contractor.

“Now, no person shall be refused an ambulance because they may not be able to afford one,” he said.

Originally, the number of paramedics here was six. Today, there are 14 in place, along with seven EMTs (emergency medical technicians). While both can communicate with a physician at a receiving hospital, only a paramedic can medicate as directed by the doctor.

From the Mar. 14, 1990, Forest Park Review

10 years ago

Kelly’s Lounge, corner of Roosevelt and Marengo, was a déclassé joint like few others. One Saturday morning after apparently one raucous Friday night, a resident called police to claim that obscene dancing had been going on there. According to investigating police, lingerie shows were being presented with three female models who tended to expose their breasts and genital area.

A week later a sting took place during which lap dancing was featured. That’s not a typo, and Fred Astaire isn’t on my mind. So feverous was I in my green years gathering information about sex, that this common expression escaped me. Also, I stopped being hip 35 years ago, so I’ll just imagine. (The owner faced a maximum $500 fine.)

From the Feb. 23, 2000, Forest Park Review