Does it seem like spring has rushed in with a whoosh this year? It used to be first the forsythia would bloom, then the pear trees. Magnolias were followed by the redbuds, crabapple trees, cherry and so on. But this year they all seemed to burst into bloom together. Is it an unusually beautiful spring or is it the contrast with that unending winter? Whatever, I’ll take it.

Your neighbors Lisa Marquart, Tom Gorman and “Uncle Boo” Mella, will be reading some of their easy listening poems. These gems are Ogden Nash-type poems – clear, easy to grasp and so much fun to listen to. Come and join the crowd at Molly Malone’s on Friday, April 23 at 7:30. The works are short and lots of fun as well as thought provoking at times. You’ll be glad you did, I promise you. No admission.

A longtime Forest Parker and neighbor, Irene Cosgrove, died last week after a long illness. Pretty and slim, Irene was known for her beautiful red hair. Daughters Pat Cassiani and Celeste Dornbush Cosgrove went to school and raised their families here under the watchful eye of Irene and her late husband, Tom Cosgrove. Irene also leaves grandchildren Colleen, Tara, Tricia, Tiffany Cassiani and Heather Drager, and great-grandchildren, Christine, Gianna, Richie, Alexis Cassiani and Anthony, Samantha and Frank Drager. A memorial Mass at St. Bernardine’s was held Tuesday, April 22.

Greta Kvelland‘s brother and sister-in-law, Rev. and Mrs. Leif Kvelland and their lovely daughter, Astrid, have been visiting us from Oslo, Norway. The Kvellands, both Lutheran ministers, are officiating at Sunday services at Minikirken, the famous old Norwegian Church in Logan Square. There is still time to worship with them at that lovely church. Services begin at 11 am. April 25 and May 2. You must make a short stop inside the church before services begin and pick up a yellow parking permit to park on the circle. The congregation is warm and welcoming; the inside of the church is beautiful and worth seeing.

Birthdays this week are Regan Doolin, Daniel Hawkins, Joe Dornecker, Katie Kelly, April Moroney, Luke Boher, Ann Childs, Art Grams, Annette Pardun, Cindy Fischer, Kyle Littlejohn, John Boy, Matt Radkiewicz, Tom Cody, and happy anniversary to Mike and Joan Bigos, Wayne and Sandra Schayer, Sue and Rich Bothie, the Jeff Oswalts , and Nicole and Drew Carter.