40 years ago

With Fire Prevention Week only five months away what better time than now, during spring cleaning, to rid yourself of the useless “burnables” in your home. I don’t know about you and your home but at our place the catalyst is my wife. She’s the shaker, the maker, the initiator, the mover, the pusher. I get pushed or moved, either out of the way or onto a project I hardly knew existed. I’m the conduit who says “Con’t do it.”

In April, 1970, a short, sensible article appeared in the Review, headed “Don’t Give Fire a Place to Start.” It made a lot of sense then. Still does. In fact, the above-mentioned wife has been assigning her stubbornly slothful husband to rid the basement of a 40-year accumulation of what the late George Carlin called “stuff.” Collecting (or containing) it has been a work in progress – a challenge as formidable as an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. There’s the sorting, the deciding, the saving and the spilling of stuff into the big, blue bin by the alleyway.

The 1970 article resonates with good, not-so-common sense: A clean house seldom burns … Fire feeds on trash, paper and rubbish … If your attic is a resting place for mattresses or magazines, toss them … If your basement seems like it’s taking on a life of its own, gut it … If your near-empty paint can collection is out of control, can it … If that closet full of overstored, underworn clothing actually moves, move it on to Good Will.

From the April 22, 1970 Forest Park Review

30 years ago

Apologies and thanks to Carl Schwebl for catching a bluppo of mine a few issues ago regarding the matter of who took over ownership of this paper after Claude Walker died in March, 1970. I had Larry Kaercher taking over as “interim editor,” implying he had purchased the Review. Actually, it was Schweble and Village Clerk Bill McKenzie Sr. who pooled resources to keep the paper alive. Shortly after, they hired Kaercher as managing editor, a position he held for 2 ½ years before taking the same position for a Brookfield newspaper, until the paper was purchased by Bob Haeger, who sold the Review (1986ish) to Wednesday Journal, Inc., in Oak Park

Correction of item in April 28, 2010 Forest Park Review

20 years ago

My predecessor on this page was Nancy Purcell. Writing as recently as 1990, she put together this “typical” column:

Five Years Ago (1985) – Dr. Arthur Jones, supervisor of schools was named “Illinois Community Educator of the Year” … Children’s Easter activities at the Mall included an egg hunt, petting zoo and parade by the middle school band. Ten Years Ago (1980) – Eight local youths performed “duties of the village council. They were elected by their classmates and sponsored by the Youth Commission. Twenty Years Ago (1970) – The Department of Defense was to re-evaluate its contentious decision to close the Naval Ordnance Plant on Roosevelt Rd. … A rash of BB-gun streetlight shootings took place near the same stretch of road. Thirty Years Ago (1960) – Our Chamber of Commerce honored Proviso High School’s State Basketball Championship with a banquet at the Pines, across from the park.

From the Mar. 21, 1990 Forest Park Review

10 years ago

Let’s hear one for the kids, in particular 7-year-old Angel D’Sousa, who was nominated Student of the Month. Editor Andrea Friedinger wrote that she may appear shy and quiet, yet her teacher, Janine Stein, said she was a nice little girl who likes to help others. (Just check out that smile and those big brown eyes.)

Stein said Angel possessed qualities every teacher dreams of in a student. “She’s a hard worker and a self-motivator.” Friedinger added that the “shy” first impression resulted from the unexpected newspaper interview. Soon her friendly self opened and she spoke freely of her school, her family and a recent visit with her extended family in India.

From the Mar. 29, 2000 Forest Park Review