Congratulations to Corina Harnett, daughter of Maureen and Kevin Harnett. The charming young lady made her first Holy Communion at St. Luke’s on May 2, 2010.

Marion Davis and Jeanne Stein spent May 11 and 12 in Brown County, Ind., where it rained and rained just about all the time. But the rain made the beauty of Brown County even more peaceful. The ladies went with City Ventures and several friends from the Nineteenth Century Club. An unexpected highlight of the tour was a visit to the home of Benjamin Harrison, president of the U.S. from 1833 to 1901. He installed electricity at the White House, had the first decorated Christmas tree there; his wife, Caroline Harrison helped establish the Daughters of the American Revolution. He approved legislation to establish 13 million acres for national parks, the Sherman Antitrust Act was put into effect, and the Bureau of Immigration was established under his leadership. He seems to be the patron saint of Indianapolis as the Johnson family are the patron saints of Racine, Wis. Indianapolis, as we all know, is the home of David Letterman. I once visited Wahoo, Neb., where Mr. Letterman’s official office was a telephone booth on a corner in that town. The phone booth has been removed, unfortunately.

When you go to Indianapolis, be sure to visit the art museum, which houses an extensive collection of famous artists works, including impressionists, post- impressionists, Asian and African art, textile and fashion art, American art and more. A very interesting museum, according to those who were there

Another highlight of the trip was the day spent in Nashville, Ind., a charming strip of art shops, gardens, gift shops, museums, charming restaurants and many other stopping points. There, too, is an art gallery featuring many local and contemporary artists’ works. The guide makes the artworks come alive and brings meaning to the viewers. Another memorable feature of the day was a visit to the home of the famous pharmaceutical family, Eli Lilly. The Lilly family gave that art museum to the city and no admission is charged. The Lilly family felt art should be free to all people. The Oldfields-Lilly House & Gardens is located on the campus of Indiana Museum of Art. The beauty of the garden cannot be described here. Antiques, flowers of every description abound. Taken as a whole, the ladies felt the trip was renewing and rewarding.

Did you see our own Bob Sullivan mentioned in Julia Harris’s column in the Sunday Tribune? Bob’s advice to readers was “Read slowly.” Thanks for the advice, Bob. And our author, Stephanie Kuehnert was on Rick Kogan’s Sunday Papers show recently. Rick discussed Stephanie’s latest book, whose name escapes me at the moment. Sorry. I’m still in shock and near stroke level in the BP department thanks to AT&T.

You can sing happy birthday to these people this week: Phyllis DeVilbiss, Janet Fink, Pam Bower, Shirley Stange, Tyler Fink, Emma Elisabeth and Maxwell Strong, the twins, Mike Jargstorf, Tom Conrad, Zianna Turek, Mark Janopoulos, Matt Schuler, Bill Tresise, Brendan McNeill, Gary Fink, Tricia Cassiani, Bob Ashcroft, Ben Reina, Joan Bush, Alberta Williams, Ashley Santelli, Patrick Carr, Lynette Carr. Happy anniversary to Tim and Ruth Stefl, and Max and Emma Stange.

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