On June 10, the Forest Park Elementary District 91 school board will have a new member. The new board member, who hasn’t been officially named yet, will replace former board president Glenn Garlisch.

Garlisch, who was school board president from 2007 to 2009, resigned at the end of the May 13 meeting because he’s moved out of town.

Upon learning of Garlisch’s intention to resign, the district advertised in the Forest Park Review for candidates to fill the vacancy. Word of the opening was also given to the district’s Citizens Advisory Council. The new board member will serve out the remaining year left on Garlisch’s term.

Four people applied for the vacancy and each candidate was interviewed separately by Superintendent Lou Cavallo.

At its May 13 meeting, the school board met in closed session for about an hour to discuss the candidates.

“I discussed all the candidates in detail and the board made a decision jointly,” Cavallo told the Review.

Although the board took a straw vote in closed session, the formal vote won’t be until the June 10 school board meeting. After being approved by the board at that meeting, the new member will immediately take his or her seat at the board table.

The school board did not formally meet with the candidates.

“We did go through the résumés of each of the four candidates and discussed the pros and cons of each in the closed session,” said District 91 School Board President Frank Mott. “We did take a straw poll of who we would like to see fill the position and we will take the official vote in open session at the June meeting, at which time that individual will be seated.”

Netiher Mott nor Cavallo would name the new board member nor would they disclose names of the applicants for the position.

Mott said it was best to discuss who should serve in private.

“The discussion of filling a vacant seat is an exception to the Open Meetings Act,” Mott said. “We can discuss this in closed session. It makes for a more frank discussion among the members. We don’t have to worry about offending anyone or embarrassing anyone and, really, that’s the way discussion should be between board members – very open and very honest.”