A few days ago – when everyone was walking about minding their own business, no rain was falling, no wind was blowing – wham! a big tree crashed down across Adams near Ferdinand. After it fell, you could see how rotted it was inside. But it surely surprised everyone. I think to lose a tree is always a tragedy.

Here’s Roy Sansone with his granddaughter. She is pretty little Kaylie Zavala, daughter of Emmaly and Joel Zavala and great-granddaughter of Lillian Sansone. Grandma is proud Terry Sansone. Dean and Dolores Holub were there for Kaylie’s party, too. As were scores of happy townspeople. The food, as usual, was excellent, desserts sinfully good, and Brown Cow Ice Cream also X-rated.

Congratulations to the Filles de Zeno literary volunteer spellers at the annual spell-a-thon at Holley Court in Oak Park. Our Filles came in second this year. Who are these brave, smart filles? They are Nancy Robinson, Marge Zwadlo and Marilyn Pettit. Thanks for making Forest Park look good.

Speedy get-well wishes to Joan Steinbach who broke her arm, the result of a fall. She’s home from the hospital and, we hope, doing well with the able assistance of son Larry.

SummerFest is on everyone’s mind. See you there?

The book sale is on many minds as well. Donations are being accepted now for the sale that will take place on Friday, June 18, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturday, June 19, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Books, paperbacks, DVDs, cassettes and magazines are welcome. No encyclopedias, please. The sale will be in the Austin meeting room of Forest Park Public Library, which is at 7555 Jackson.

On June 12, Pineapple Dance Studio will present a student exhibition at its studio on Madison. The studio is on the second floor of 7518 Madison. Audience members are often invited to join in on the fun.

If you are acquainted with the patron saint of communication, please plead my case with him or her. I am still without my telephone number and unable to access voicemail. It is, as of this writing, exactly 30 days for my loss. Faceless, numberless voices keep reassuring me I will get my number back “by tomorrow.” We all know when tomorrow comes.

Happy anniversary to Roy and Terry Sansone and to Tim and Ruth Stefl this week. Happy birthday to Alberta Williams, Ashley Santelli, Patrick Carr, Lynette Carr, Lauren Arnieri, Margaret Rohde, Paul Schlichting, Eve Cubic, Dermot Casey, Tom Aftanas, Jim Collis, Keionne Maughn, Adam Stahlke, Shirley Hamilton, Doris Knapp, Jim Watts, Dan Watts, Lydia Holmes, Kevin Copplino, Dan Goodman, Pauline Coyne, Mike Bigos, Theresa Giglio, Paityn Frances Formanski, Shirley Haeger, Tyler Fink, Philip Tenca, Tony Sarli, Jack Pingel, Nancy Brod and Steve Huebner.