If you build it, they will come … And they certainly did. The line for Jimmy John’s $1 sandwiches went from Madison to across the street from St. John. There never was a more friendly and happy group. The photo was taken by one of the young women in the line. She was a lovely, tall, blonde architect and I have lost her card. She’ll get credit as soon as I find it.

The reason for the celebration was, of course, the exhilarating victory of the Blackhawks! Never was there such an outpouring of support and love in Chicago that I can remember. It was truly stunning, even though that word “stunning” has been much overused, it sincerely applies here.

Another word hardly ever used to describe young people is “wholesome.” But I think it can be applied to these exuberant, respectful, young men on the Blackhawks team.  Congratulations to them, may this be just the beginning. Yes, Chicago showed them “We love the Hawks!” Among the devoted fans in on the excitement at Doc Ryan’s that thrilling night were, Jen Stasch, Tara Lawrence, Rosie Moroni, Heather Byrnes and Linda Hoeflinger … The full house of revelers had a night they’ll long remember.  It was a happy, loud, but not unruly crowd as that last puck went, unseen by many, into the  Flyers goal. One of the Hawks youngest fans is four-month-old Santiago Humber, who had on his Hawks jersey for good luck … Unfortunately Santiago dozed off before that final goal.

There’s still time to plan on going to the book sale at the library this Friday and Saturday. (See details in the calendar on Page 15.) You might want to bring along your own bag.

Special Happy birthday greetings to John Fabrini on June 21st . John’s nephew Paul McKune celebrated his birthday on June 13th. 

Did you see Augie Aleksy’s Battle of Waterloo Diorama on display in the window of Centuries and Sleuths? Don’t miss it. You could spend hours studying it. Each piece has been authenticated for accuracy. Augie displays this masterpiece every year on the anniversary of the battle. That’s June 18, 1815.-The Midwest Celtic Fest (Fleadh) (who can read Celtic? The letters just don’t make sense) will be held at C&S on Friday until Sunday, June 25, 26, 27 with live music and dance competition.

Someone worth listening to is Steven Kinzer who will speak at the Oak Park Library on June 17 at 7 p.m. Mr. Kinzer will discuss and sign copies of his book, Iran, Turkey and America’s Future. Kinzer is a local boy, from Oak Park.

Happy birthday this week to Tim Grams, Emily Myint, Carol Ralph, Trevor LaPointe, Artie Gray, Maria Willinger, Ginger McKay, Angela Hodges, Sophia Miller, John Mahoney, Lillian Tester, Sydney Gray, Charles Watson, Leshundria Ford and happy anniversary to Mr. And Mrs. Wilson Chen, Angela and Cory Fink, Danny and Diane Mohr, Mary Ellen and Dave Dowdle, Jon and Jenny Kuehl, Jill and Brian Hosty.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. See you at the book sale?