First reported 6/22/2010 1:23 p.m.

Gurnee police are asking for help in finding a man they say kidnapped a young woman from a mall parking lot there, raped her after forcing her to stop at an ATM, and then had her drop him off in Forest Park.

News of the incident, which according to Gurnee police occurred June 6, didn’t make regional headlines until last week, when CBS 2 aired a report on it.

Forest Park Police Chief Jim Ryan has told the Review that he is aware of news reports but that there is no local investigation.

“The only connection Forest Park has is he used the card at a DesPlaines Avenue store,” Ryan said of the man suspected of being the rapist, referring to the 7-Eleven at 7749 Roosevelt Road. “We do not have a police report for it.”

According to Gurnee police reports, on June 5, a surveillance video at Gurnee Mills mall caught a man approaching a 19-year-old woman who was leaving her job for the night and heading to her car. In the mall parking lot, Gurnee police say, the man held a sharp object to the back of the woman’s neck, forced her inside her vehicle and made her drive him to an ATM in Grayslake.

From that stop, he made her give him the $40 she withdrew and then forced her to a church parking lot in Kane County town of Compton Hills, where he sexually assaulted her.

In the early hours of Sunday, June 6, the 19-year-old and the man who Gurnee police say raped her are believed to have arrived in Forest Park, at the intersection of Roosevelt Road and DesPlaines Avenue.

Gurnee police say the man asked the woman to drop him off at a convenience store. And Forest Park police have a record of her credit card being used at a local 7-Eleven.

“If anyone recognizes this guy, call us,” Commander Jay Patrick of the Gurnee police told the Review.