You know, of course, about Forest Park’s connection to the mighty Blackhawks. In marketing realms, it’s all about puckered lemony goodness and the Lemonhead ad board on the United Center ice. But the personal connection is long and deep and involves Salvatore Ferrara II, one of the owners of our very own candy factory: Ferrara Pan.

Ferrara had a Blackhawks Stanley Cup experience that stirs the imagination of all hockey fans – and that’s all of us in this moment. He was at most of the playoff games, palled around with former Hawks players, was on the ice after the overtime win to clinch the Cup, hefted the Cup, in the locker room, drank from the Cup, partied all night with the team at Harry Carey’s and rode a team bus on the victory parade up Michigan. Wow. That’s some great story.

And thanks to Ferrara Pan’s long association with the Hawks, it’s a story we are all going to live through vicariously for a long time to come.