What a wonderful community we live in!

When a tree fell on our house during the storm, we were blessed to receive so much help and support. Our eternal gratitude goes to our sister Anne Dorneker, her husband, Bob, and their children Meredith and Patrick.

We also thank the police, fire department, Public Works crew, John Doss and Marty Tellelian. Their response and immediate action were amazing in light of all the damage throughout town. Our neighbors all gave us support, especially John Hosty, Ken Novotny, Mike Steger, James Adamik and Dan O’Connor. And, with minutes to spare before the next storm hit, our son Jack helped us board up the roof.

The inside cleanup crew was Marianne O’Connor and Mary Novotny. Our nephew Matt Walsh and neighbor Connor Hudson were a big help, too. Thanks to Mom, Kay Duff, for being here for us.

We are especially blessed that our daughter Marikate and her friend AnnalisMatta were not injured, since they were in the house when the tree hit. They handled a frightening situation with maturity and grace. As usual, our little Sam kept everyone smiling through all the destruction. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who supported our family!

We are truly fortunate to be a part of such a caring town.

Bob and Patty Marino