First reported 6/24/2010 4:06 p.m.

A special meeting of the zoning board of appeals scheduled for Tuesday, July 6, has been canceled, according to Jo Ellen Charlton, the village of Forest Park’s planning consultant.

“We felt it was important to have everyone present,” said Charlton, who said the decision was made after learning of likely absences because of travel during the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The meeting had been scheduled so that the zoning board, which has several new members, could get a briefing from Village Administrator Tim Gillian on proposals to reform Forest Park’s zoning code. The proposals, according to Gillian, would ease some of the burdens on owners of legal nonconforming properties, mostly two flats. The changes would affect more than half of Forest Park’s property owners.

¬†“There’s a lot to absorb. There’s a lot to learn,” Charlton said of what’s to be presented to the zoning board.

The presentation is being rescheduled for the next regular meeting of the zoning board, which will be at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 16, in the room on the lower level of village hall, at 517 Desplaines.

No decision on changes for legal nonconforming properties will be made at that meeting. The zoning board is an advisory body for the village council.

-Helen Karakoudas Redfern

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