Don’t break the silence unless you can improve upon it.” Those words of an old man I knew in my younger days came to me vividly as I sat in my darkened basement all last week. Floors being sanded, second floor too hot, so it was the cool basement for the three of us, cat, dog and me. No bathroom, no shower, no TV. Very primitive, very peaceful. The shower was what I missed the most. Sorry I couldn’t get around to learn much about what was happening.

Here’s Rebecca Leehey with her new friend, 1-year-old Marathon, acquired from the Oak Park Animal Care League. Marathon and Rebecca are happy to be together. The people at the Animal Care League are very fussy about who gets a pet. Rebecca has been walking dogs there for about two years. She is also one of our town’s prize-winning rain barrel painters. Her works were on exhibit at the University of Chicago last month.

Guns are for killing people. Now five of our Supreme Court justices have decided it’s a good idea for each of us to own guns. I believe research shows that more people are killed accidentally by friends and family members than are used to kill intruders. Many years ago right here in town, two boys, a son of a fireman and a police officer, were playing with the gun of one of the fathers. The gun went off killing one of the boys. I have forgotten the details, even the names. But that tragic event will be remembered by everyone … I believe both families left town. The one boy dead forever, the other boy left with the memory of killing his friend for the rest of his life.

Congratulations to Kathy Galassini and her sister, Karen Rutz, for completing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Walk June 5 and 6 in Chicago.

Kathy and Karen were part of over 3,000 walkers covering 39.3 miles that raised over $7.7 million. These funds will be distributed throughout the region for research, outreach and support services for individuals who may be impacted by this disease.

Birthdays this week include Grant Neubeiser, Ruth Loyd, Anthony Huynh, Carol Smith, Lester Nixon, Augie Aleksy, Emma Wode, Dorothy Hatch, Daniel Stroth, Sammy Marino, Leonard Karlin, Michael Bloch, Rick Krieger, David Pardun, Gene Mull, Katie Murray McElligott, Marilyn Trainor, Joshua Olfay, Tom Spinelli, Debbie Ginger, Katie Tricoci, Ellie Clifton, David Jones, Tim Mellin, Arthur Farrell and Jenny Okolwicz. Happy anniversary to Katie and Dan McElligott, Joanne and Jery Pinotti, and Ramya and Carl Tellarovic.