The annual St. Bernardine Day Family Festival was held on Sunday, May 23, this year. The weather was clear and (very!) warm; the guests were excited and delighted to be out in the sunshine. The event was a great success and went off without a hitch, and to that end, the St. Bernardine Day Committee would like to thank our gracious and generous friends for their never-ending support of the St. Bernardine Parish.

The consideration and enthusiasm shown by Mayor Calederone, Sally Cody, Chief Ryan, John Doss, Larry Piekarz, Vickie Stisivic and their staffs was truly amazing. Together with our phenomenal parish volunteers and patient neighbors, the Village and Park personnel worked to close Elgin Street, put up tents, tables, and chairs, start grills, cook delicious food, provide security and keep a watchful eye on our littlest guests as they tumbled, slid and jousted on oversized carnival events. Organizing the St. Bernardine Day event each year becomes more and more turn-key as those mentioned lend their expertise and knowledge to our committee. We are in awe of the time, treasures and talent offered willingly and without hesitation by all those involved.

We could not have put this event together without the generosity of the Village of Forest Park, the Park District of Forest Park, Wilbert Vault Company, McGaffer’s Pizza, Roberta Signs, Savage Entertainment Company, Burke Beverage Company, Nadeau’s Ice Sculptures, and Famous Liquors, all of whom participated in the success of the day.

The time, effort and dedication offered by each member of the St. Bernardine Day Committee are impossible to adequately describe, but to every one of you, a huge and sincere thank you.

Bob Gerger and Deb Michalak
Co-chairs, St. Bernardine Day Committee